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About Us

The Rental Experts

Realty Unlimited, Inc. is a leading provider of Property Management Services on the Treasure Coast. We began our business in downtown Stuart in 1996 and have grown over the past years, now managing over 250 homes!

Our staff comprises a diverse and professional team of enthusiastic individuals, dedicated to providing customer service that goes above and beyond the customer’s expectations.


Property owners hire management companies to deal with properties because they lack the time, the knowledge or the desire to manage properties themselves.

Realty Unlimited is very proud of the level of service provided by our knowledgeable, competent and dependable team of professionals.

Property Management companies act as intermediaries between property owners and tenants. Successful property management companies are good with people, pay meticulous attention to detail and are straightforward in their dealings with owners, tenants and vendors


At Realty Unlimited, Inc., we believe that communication is the essential element in the success of our company. In today’s business environment, no one can assume to know or read the mind of another, or be certain of their goals and objectives. To this end, we at Realty Unlimited, Inc. have gone to great lengths to be accessible to our residents and property owners. We are available by phone, fax, e-mail and direct to our desks.

We believe that the key to our success is in the personal relationships that we have developed with our customers over the years. Realty Unlimited, Inc. has assembled the most talented and professional staff to attend to our customers’ property management and leasing needs.


You can expect that we will place our attractive “Home for Rent” yard sign on your property (if allowed) prior to any known vacancy, or immediately if you have just listed your rental home with us.

You can expect that our Rental Associates will schedule showings of your property seven (7) days a week to all prospective renters until your rental home is leased.

You can expect that all rental applicants will be subjected to:

  • A credit report on each adult rental applicant
  • An eviction search of the central Florida public records to ensure that the applicant has not been evicted in the preceding seven (7) years.
  • A verification of the applicant’s employment or income.
  • A Florida “Criminal Background Check”.

You can expect that we will lease your property at the asking amount of rent, or higher. You can expect that we will not lease your property at a lower amount, without first obtaining your permission.

You can expect that once the rental applicant process is approved, we will complete and execute the lease agreement prepared by our attorney and give the residents possession of your rental home.

You can expect to be notified by our company that your property has been leased. A copy of the lease agreement will be sent to you once fully executed.

Other Services – Lease Only

If you live locally and handle the management of your property, but find that finding qualified tenants is a problem, we can help!
Realty Unlimited, Inc. offers a lease only service whereby we market your property, find a qualified tenant, conduct the move in process and then you take over the day to day management.
You may choose to use your own lease, or for a nominal fee, our attorney will prepare the same lease used by our full service property management owners.